Stone carpet - do-it-yourself flooring kit

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A set of materials for individual construction of 1m2 of "stone carpet" type flooring made of natural marble aggregate and polyurethane resin resistant to UV radiation and other atmospheric conditions in TECHNIArt FLOOR SYSTEM technology.


  • TECHNIPLAST 100 AQ epoxy priming resin [0.3kg].
  • TECHNIPLAST 500 PU - UVLS polyurethane binder [1,0kg].
  • Natural marble aggregate in chosen colour [12.5kg].


"Stone carpet" floors are a decorative, modern and durable solution for domestic outdoor surfaces i.e. terraces, balconies, stairs, driveways, alleys, etc.


  • UV, moisture and frost resistance.
  • Water-permeable drainage structure.
  • Great alternative to wood, ceramic tiles and other materials. 
  • Easy application on concrete substrate.
  • User-friendly and practical for maintenance.
  • Attractive natural stone colours. 


Read the written instructions for this kit, order as many kits as you have metres and act.



If there are significant defects or cracks in the substrate, leveling and repair priming should be performed using the TECHNIPLAST 400 RST + NQ set, and in the case of a poor-quality concrete substrate with a large number of micro-cracks, it is recommended to apply an additional layer of TECHNIPLAST 500 PU UVR M elastic membrane (consumption approx. 5kg/m2).

How to do it?

See step-by-step instructions on how to make such a floor.

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